Pakistan Finally Records Zero Rainfall After Almost Three Months

After a long and wet monsoon season, Pakistan finally witnessed a dry day on Monday as no rainfall was recorded in any part of the country.

According to Pak Weather, the largest private automated weather station network and weather source in the country, clean and dry weather was recorded yesterday after 82 days.

Pak Weather has emerged as a reliable source of weather forecasting. It provided extensive exclusive updates during this monsoon season, accurately forecasting weather alongside the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

In a similar development, Pak Weather has predicted that Pakistan is set to witness colder and slightly wetter than normal winter season while normal to slightly above normal monsoon rainfalls next year.

Previously in August, Pak Weather had predicted that Karachi is set to cross the 1,000 mm mark for the first time in its history as torrential monsoon rainfall broke all records in the provincial capital.

Last week, it revealed that Karachi has crossed the 1,000 mm mark as Bahria Town has received 1,048 mm of annual rainfall so far this year.