Nepra to Decide Rate to Buy Electricity from Solar-Powered Consumers

The National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has scheduled a public hearing to amend the rules for the solar panel and net metering that can increase the bills for households using such systems.

The hearing is regarding the amendments in the NEPRA Alternative and Renewable Energy Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulation, 2015, on 27 September 2022, says a Nepra announcement.

“What should be the buyback price for excess units delivered by the Distributed Generators (Net Metering consumers) in the system?”, reads the question raised by Nepra in its announcement.

Previously, NEPRA had sought to amend these regulations to reduce the payment for distributor generators of net metering by nearly 30 percent.

Users supplying power to WAPDA via net metering would likely suffer a 20 percent loss, while some consumers may now be required to pay the bill.

The Authority had proposed the following amendments and sought the comments of the general public and stakeholders regarding these amendments:

  • Single-stage, two-envelope bidding
  • Straight-Line tariff
  • 70 percent dollar indexation of tariff
  • Benchmark tariff by NEPRA
  • Guaranteed purchase of power
  • Land and interconnection to be provided by the government
  • Exemption on all import-related duties and taxes
  • The existing Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA) and Implementation Agreement (IA) will be used
  • COD within 12 months of EPA signing
  • Term: 25 years on a BOOT basis
  • 15 percent income tax
  • Payment guaranteed on 60th day after invoice through Bank Debit

The hearing will discuss the feedback the Authority received and the main issue would be the determination of the buyback price of excess units delivered by the Distributed Generator (Net Metering Consumer) in the system.

  • AOA…sub say pehlay net metering ka process local disco say wapis nepra ko shift Kia jai jaisay pehlay tha ta k clerks nay Jo corruption ka Bazar garam Kia hoa hai wo kaam khatam ho….or logon ki applications pa process taiz ho aur netmeter install Hoon.

  • Zindagi mushkil hai or nepra mazeed mushkil kerne jaa rahi hai. Ek to bijli mehngi bhi or gayeb per khud ne itna kharch kerke solar lagaya to nepra ko tang arane ki kia zarurat hai.kuch to khof e khuda rakho

  • خدا خدا کرکے بیچارے بجلی صارفین نے اللّه کا شکر ادا کیا ۔کہ کم از کم ایک متبادل ذریعہ تو پیدا ہوا کہ ان کے ظلم سے چھٹکارا مل سکے ۔لیکن افسوس حکومت نے پھر تہہ کر رکھا ہے ۔کہ وہ ہمیں سکون سے نہیں جینے دیں گے ۔خدا کے لیے اور ظلم مت کرو ۔سولر انرجی کو آسان بناؤ ۔آخر اللّه کو جواب دینا پڑھے گا ۔ایک دن حساب کتاب کا بھی مقرر ہے

  • Propakistani sometimes seems the most anti-pakistani in spreading false information.
    I don’t know how hard it is to understand what NEPRA is saying. They are merely suggesting reducing the amount paid to net-metering customers. It will not affect their bill at all. In return, they will guarantee payment to bank accounts…this is a big progressive step from NEPRA!

    • Reduction in amount paid to consumers but it won’t affect the bill at all , IT DOESN’T ADD UP VERY WELL !!!

    • First you properly read news. What are they going to do.
      You misunderstood
      Nepra is saying that the extra unit which they taking from consumer
      What are they will paying to consumer
      Only 9rupee . At the moment they are paying 19.32 rupees .
      Now what are they going to to they are buying consumer extra unit in 9 rupees.
      Is this right thing they are going to do ?

    • Wow. WhT a justification. I think you have been hired by NEPRA to justify their bad decisions. Why should they reduce the solar tarriff. Why should it not be at par with power generated by other sources.

    • As it is, the government gets paid tax by me on the electricity I generate and consume myself.
      Now it wants KE to charge me a higher peak hours rate, a high off-peak rate, and pay me less than off- peak rate to buy from me, to sell on at a higher rate to non-generating consumers.
      How is this fair?
      Paying for what KE buys and re-sells, how is this an exceptional benefit? My investment saves them from investing.

    • You seem to be a stooge of nepra.
      Nepra sell me approx @ Rs.32 & 43 per unit and now intend purchasing electricity from me @ Rs. 9 per unit. What a justification and what a justice.
      For God’s sake, do away with this colonial mentality.

  • I will request the Nepra authorities not to reduce the buyback price from the consumers.

  • They are charging us (Solar users) with all taxes on those we purchased from KE then after minus the amount of purchase from Solar users, which is wrong. They should minus the amount before taxes then after charge the tax on balance amount payable.

  • Yeh Bohat Ghalat baat hay.Jub aap electric kisee consumer ko provide krain to per unit Jo rate laytay hain to via net metering Jo Electric koi Discos/Wapda lay to Same rate pay lay.

  • It is realistic srep to decide the rate of excess units to be paid to net netering customers. If this price is not rationaluzed, a new circular debt will start building in near future. There is need to revuse rhis price occasionally and as a simple rule should be matching with the price of new solar powe generators.

  • If NEPRA is really interested then look into frivolous contracts made with power generating company’s and leave alone the only option of renewable energy to people of Pakistan. Promote renewable energy and diminish the mineral fuel based expensive electricity owned by the vested and cunning business groups.who already had minted more than the money the invested.

  • Price of electricity being supplied to Wapda through net metering should be at least 20 % more than the price of electricity charged from consumers as consumers have spent lakhs of rupees on solar system to help Wapda by generating electricity for them.

  • Unit price should be the same. Either you give to consumer or buy back. What is the point to change the price?? Just another way to burden people who spent a great amount of money to install solar cells .Rather discouraging. And soon it would be disastrous to the government as well The government as usual making decisions which don’t show any future planning.

  • Allah ka wasta zinda rehnay do yar! How can you discourage people who are not only trying to survive but doing you a favor by adding electricity to the grid which could be used to run our industries during day time. Also saving you oil imports to produce electricity.

    How begharat can you politicians get?

  • They are adjusting our off peak units only and paying extra units @Rs. 9 per unit. Peak rates are charged as actual and billed to solar users for net metering customer

  • I can’t undrstand on one end govt is worried about high cost of electricity made by thermal sources and on other end they want to condemn the solar production by the people. This clearly shows the bad intention of govt

  • My proposal is not sell units to wapda and never pay them high bills, just improve your solar storage that may work when solar is not available also make a unity not to use wapda units, in other words disconnect wapda, when they will die of hunger like ordinary people, they will think about your sacrifices and problems but unity is important

  • Pakistan is the only state on the earth that love to penalize it’s public and alway stood against its Public. Infact this state never stood on the back of Public and provide support.

  • Govt dont want you to install solar they want you to buy electricity from IPPs whose oil LC is opened by PSO at 250/- per Dollar. Govt control PSO and make lot of notes

  • Still this decision is not final then how wapda calculate last 3 month export unit prices with 7 rupees in Sep bill?

  • Wapda should pay the same price as it is charging.
    Consumer spends hundreds of thousands to generate this electricity to help Wapda meet its shortage, wapda doesn’t spend any penny for this.

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