Here’s How Much it Costs To Import Vs Locally Buy iPhone 14 in Pakistan

Import taxes in Pakistan are sky-high at the moment, whether it be for smartphones, laptops, GPUs, cars, or other items. This is the main reason why smartphone prices in Pakistan have been getting worse over the years. It’s gotten to a point where a mobile phone can cost more than double its original price in Pakistan.

Apple’s new iPhones arrived in Pakistan this month and the local price tags are as absurd as you would expect. A base iPhone 14 costs $799 in the US, which is Rs. 192,343 at the moment. However, buying a 128 GB iPhone 14 in Pakistan can cost around Rs. 381,999 on Telemart and other online retailers.

But how much does it cost to import an iPhone yourself? Is it more economical than buying a phone locally? We can finally answer these questions now that we have official figures on import taxes from FBR.

Here are the import taxes on mobile phones taken directly from a leaked document from FBR.

Note: Regulatory Duty = RD, Sales Tax = ST, Withholding Tax = WHT and Mobile Levy = ML.

  • Up to $30: RD (Rs. 300), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100) ML (Rs. 100)
  • $30 to $100: RD (Rs. 3,000), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100), ML (Rs. 200)
  • $100 to $200: RD (Rs. 7,500), ST (Rs. 1,680), WHT (Rs. 930), ML (Rs. 600)
  • $200 to $350: RD (Rs. 11,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 970), ML (Rs. 1,800)
  • $350 to $500: RD (Rs. 15,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 5,000), ML (Rs. 4,000)
  • $500 to $700: RD (Rs. 22,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 8,000)
  • Above $700: RD (Rs. 22,000), ST (17% of base USD value), WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 16,000)

According to these figures, importing a 128 GB iPhone 14 should cost about Rs. 274,541. Here is the breakdown:

(RD) Rs. 22,000 + ST (17% of 192,343 = Rs. 32,698) + WHT (Rs. 11,500) + ML (Rs. 16,000) + phone value ($799 = Rs. 192,343). All of this adds up to Rs. 274,541, which is more than Rs. 100,000 lower than the local price.

Here is a price comparison of all iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

Model Import Local Purchase
128 GB iPhone 14 Rs. 274,541 Rs. 381,999
256 GB iPhone 14 Rs. 302,707 Rs. 404,999
512 GB iPhone 14 Rs. 359,037 Rs. 454,999
128 GB iPhone 14 Plus Rs. 302,707 Rs. 499,999
256 GB iPhone 14 Plus Rs. 330,872 Rs. 529,999
512 GB iPhone 14 Plus Rs. 387,203 Rs. 569,999


iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max

Model Import Local Purchase
128 GB iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 330,872 Rs. 464,999
256 GB iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 359,037 Rs. 479,999
512 GB iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 415,368 Rs. 549,999
1 TB iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 471,699 Rs. 609,999
128 GB iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 359,037 Rs. 539,999
256 GB iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 387,203 Rs. 569,999
512 GB iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 443,534 Rs. 609,999
1 TB iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 499,865 Rs. 669,999


These prices have been taken from the US models, so phones imported from other countries may have slightly different rates. It is also worth mentioning that paying these taxes will automatically grant PTA’s approval, so you will not need to pay an extra fee for it.

The import prices mentioned above are the final prices of the handsets. You may have to pay for shipping depending on the retailer, but you can also get someone to bring it to you from a different country.

Note that if a phone is brought as personal baggage, you will not have to pay withholding taxes for it.

  • What u r talking man its not like that they just looting pplz i brought one tcl phone which cost me in pkr 40000 and when i send msg to pta for tax thy are asking 36080 pkr. This is not a country this is chor bazaar

    • We also have to pay electricity bills and sale taxes we cannot sell cheaply.Have you seen the cost of bills If I am opening shop I also have to margin these costs

  • Not to forget the custom duty. If someone carries your phone as a personal device, it can be waived off. In other cases, you have to whooping import tax which will increase the price of the iPhone than that of locally purchased.

  • Very good and interesting comparison to get awareness for most of people. Being a commercial importer of heavy machinery spares now I got confidence to import at least base pro variant for personal use In Sha Allah.

    • In USA, if you buy with carrier it’ll cost you $799 but if you have to use it in Pakistan you need to get unlocked version which is for $829 and with tax $879.

  • So expensive and no apple store no apple support In Pakistan I suggest buy Samsung becz it’s support is available in Pakistan

  • PTA is around Rs. 132000 and you have calculated it Rs. 80000.
    This is creating a big confusion on your calculations.

  • Thanks Aasil for this very good piece about importing iPhones!

    Pls let us know if you’ve included the customs duty that I’d have to pay at Karachi airport once I land with a new iPhone. I hear it’s 108k bucks.


  • I am visiting Pakistan soon and I have a space 2017 Note 8. PTA wanted me to pay about 40,000 PKR which is absurd. I don’t plan to sell my phone. I just want to use it when I am in Pakistan and bring it back with me. Is there any way I could get a waiver from the fee?

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