Govt Still Unsure Whether PM’s Leaked Audio Will be Released on Dark Web This Friday

The federal government and other concerned stakeholders are, so far, unsure whether the hacker will release the alleged call records data of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) this Friday, the News has reported.

Relevant authorities have not yet released the details of how the PMO had been bugged for months despite regular inspection. Although they have acknowledged that the damage cannot be undone, they have assured to prevent a similar breach in the future.

Reports have also claimed that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) had also apprised PM Shehbaz about the bugging around a week and a half ago before the audio leaks originally surfaced on the dark web.

Social media has recently been rife with the claims of a dark web hacker, who had released teasers of leaked audio calls between PM Shehbaz and other government officials. The hacker has claimed to be in possession of 8 GB of audio calls that stretch over 100 hours. The hacker has demanded $345,000 for the entire cache of leaked calls.

The hacker claimed that no more negotiations and offers will be accepted after Tuesday, and all the data will be released on Friday morning.

The audio calls include PM Shehbaz’s interaction with the Army Chief and other heads of armed forces, government officials, journalists, judges, and foreign dignitaries as well as calls involving family members and personal dealings.

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