PIA Orders Flight Staff to Start Wearing Undergarments

In an unusual development, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has ordered both its male and female cabin crew members to ensure wearing undergarments during off-duty hours.

According to the advisory issued by PIA’s General Manager (GM) Flight Services, the national flag carrier noted that some cabin crew members tend to dress casually while traveling intercity, staying in hotels, and visiting various offices.

The advisory added that such dressing leaves a poor impression on the viewers and portrays a negative image of not only the individual but also of the organization.

Therefore, the crew members are required to be properly dressed up in plain clothes, which are formal and worn over proper undergarments. The clothes worn by the cabin crew should be in line with national and cultural morals.

TCPs, SPs, LCCs, and Grooming Officers are required to monitor cabin crew at the times and immediately report any deviation from these directives through email and flight services log.

Published in the PIA’s standards bulletin, which is restricted for internal use only, the advisory ordered all cabin crew members to ensure complete compliance with these instructions.

Here is the document.

  • So not coming on time, corruption, earning the reputation as the one of the worst airlines of the world, dirty seats, non-working Media systems, getting banned from multiple countries, not earning any profits, lack of merit etc is not causing any shame to PIA?. The only issue is undergarments right now?. All of these issues will be resolved by the use of Undergarments?. Priorities of Pakistanis and PIA are clear.

    • How they checked that crew members are not wearing undergarments. And how can they further ensure that they are now wearing under garments.

  • So all you could extract from this notice was just undergarment. Where does the notice says the crew were not wearing undergarments? Kudos to your editors who allowed such headings to attract website visits.

  • When they are not on duty , PIA has nothing to do in private affairs as far as they don’t carry PIA tag with them

  • The GM Flt services has damaged the PIA reputation / image more than the crew being ill-clad … very sad …choice of words…

  • They should privatize half of the shares of PIA. There services will be imoroved and new management will fire extra staff from PIA.

  • Just like a pig chooses dung, writer chose what he liked.
    The notice focuses on casual and improper dressing. And it’s only mentioned that it should we worn over UGs. These items DO include vests and camisoles for women. It’s evident bow a days many women are wearing close to expose themselves more. And so the men who are roaming with open neck displaying their chest. Shame on the writer’s zehniyat

  • A country of thieves feel no harm in dishonesty,not fulfilling their duties honestly, treating customers in worse manner,asking for bribe upon every stair of airport to destination is harmless in their eyes. Wearing undergarments are essential.
    Congratulations thief PM.

  • ProPakistani.pk

    Must be banned and very highly charged for using this general picture of stuff with posting this news.

  • Is this news? Is it something to share with public? And do PIA flight staff not wear undergarments? what rubbish! What is happening in this country?

  • Atleast you should not publish such post with any air hostesses face. Somehow giving the impression that these are the females who done this.
    After all they also have families. You should edit it and remove all faces …

  • Agreed that PIA is not working as it should but it is one of the airlines which helped in produces some great airlines like emirates, Saudi Airlines and many other…. I don’t know when we will stop humiliating our country infornt of other people. Just also tell us about the background of our country which tends to be amazing but people like u for views degrade ur country

  • Is this is a good news to share on media?
    Stupid PIA management they have to order there staff and keep quiet no need to publish it.

  • Pilots are with fake degrees, and GM had p.i.a about undergarments, eat a shame. These comments from PIA is more disgraceful for the reputation of national flag. UG are more personal, but services in and out airplane is far more important, Mr GM.

  • بےغیرتی کی حد هو گئی ہے مسافروں کی نظر عورتو کے اندر جسم تک جاتی ہے ۔کیا مسافر اس لیے جہاز میں سفر کرتے ہیں کہ عورتو کے جسم کی ٹھو رکھی جائے ۔

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