Irony: Rs. 5 Million Lost as Punjab Safe Cities Authority Needs Protection From Thieves

Punjab Safe Cities Authority’s (PSCA) equipment worth Rs. 5 million has reportedly been stolen from its cabinet at a traffic signal in Lahore.

According to the details, unidentified burglars broke into its cabinet and stole the costly equipment from the Mughalpura Chowk of the metropolis.

Subsequently, the police filed an FIR based on the complaint of Security Supervisor Sajid, who learned about the incident during his visit.

Note here that Lahore Safe City Project is also experiencing several problems with its Rs. 12 billion monitoring system, including facial and license plate recognition, traffic control, and police notifications.

Reportedly, 35 percent of cameras are non-functional, leaving several key avenues unmonitored. Meanwhile, 2,500 of the 7,678 cameras in Lahore are not working, while around 1,000 facial recognition cameras have malfunctioned.

According to the PSCA, facial recognition technology is critical to the safe city project. The surveillance system enables number plate tracking, and traffic control, and provides assistance in law enforcement and crime prevention.

As per the initial plan, the department was supposed to install 8,000 facial recognition cameras covering 137,000 locations across the city. However, it was not implemented due to unknown reasons.

Via 24News

  • things getting stolen from steel mills, then again stolen from there, now this news? not a single person in question or caughgt even with hundreds of cameras that are installed with tax payers blood and sweat money?

    Something fishy going on here…

  • Who can steal these equipment? Definitely someone who knows how to steal them and by the way where they sale these items after stolen?
    Hard to believe

  • They should check the pockets of their own staff. The news is itself shame for all the officials. They can’t even protect their own equipment how come they ensure public safety?

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