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CDA to Add 13 New Routes to Islamabad’s Public Transport Network

Capital Development Authority (CDA) is preparing to launch 13 new bus routes in two phases. According to CDA Chairman, Capt. (Retd.) Usman Younis, the first phase will see the provision of transport for six congested routes, with PIMS serving as the central point.

Route 1 will run from Allama Iqbal Open University to Shifa International Hospital and then to Potohar Station via I-8 Markaz. Route 2 will run from PIMS to the Secretariat, passing through Jinnah Super and Super Market.

Route 3 will connect G7, G6, Melody Market, Abpara, and NADRA with PIMS. Route 4 will run from F-11 to Red Line Metro station F-8. From PIMS, route 5 will connect sectors G-8, G-9, G-10, and G-11. Route 6 will connect Abpara to Taramri Chowk via Park Road.

In the second phase, the administration will procure buses for seven additional routes. Route 7 will begin at the Police Foundation and end at the Faiz Ahmed Faiz Red Line Metro Station, while Route 8 will link sector D-12 to the Orange Line Metro at G-10.

Route 9 will stretch between F-11 and F-8, while Route 10 will extend service coverage to rural areas from Nilore to Khanna Bridge.

Route 11 will extend up to Chungi No. 26 to provide transportation for residents of the B-17 sector. The details are scarce regarding the remaining two routes.

Younis added that CDA will also create a route from Faizabad to Pir Wadhai, once the IJP road is completed. He added that PIMS will serve as the new routes’ hub, linking the service to Red Line and Orange Line Metro.

Meanwhile, CDA is evaluating the feasibility of all routes and is preparing tender documents for various contractors.

  • These buses can be made in Pakistan by Hino and other companies. But CDA officials are importing it directly from China. Why?. Someone should investigate that why locally made buses are not prioritized and who is getting profits on imports?. Chinese are known to give bribes in developing nations.
    Please learn from India where almost every bus is locally made and they are exporting buses around the world. We should prioritize “Made in Pakistan” at all costs.

    • بھائی قوم ان بسوں قوم کے لیئے پچاس سال سے منتظر ہے۔ جو مل رہا ہے صبر شکر سے لے لو۔ نیا لچ مت تلو۔ ھم نے تو کبھی چنگ چی بہی مکمل نہیں بنائی۔ ابھی چائنا کی اور ترکی سے منگوا لو۔ جب بنا لو تو بدل دینا ے

    • Have we ever made anything worthwhile in Pakistan? What buses (made in Pakistan) are you talking about?

      As regards corruption, who can be more corrupt than us?

    • Hino produces worst quality of buses in Pakistan. They are noisy, consumes lot of fuel, have faulty gear boxes and heats up.

    • ۔۔۔آخر کو چاہئنز کک بیک بھی تو بہت دیتے ہیں
      لیکن بحرحال اس کے علاوہ چارہ بھی کیا ھے۔۔۔بسوں کو خوش آمدید کہیں

    • Great job in Pakistan public transport I hope transportation in Pakistan,
      I am in uae from 21years old ITC department in planning section,
      I want job in Pakistan public transport,
      Excepted my request,
      Thank you,

    • Dear China has built a new plant in Pakistan.
      They will manufecture these buses in Pakistan.

  • Why this service is not providing in rawalpindi.. scheme 3 and other areas as feel difficult in urban buses…

  • Golra se Nun Darbar take bhi ek route add krien
    this will well connect i-14-15-16 to main City.

    Also handover these I-16 PHA flats on priority inauguration on completion was done by PMIK. Aab aa kr wohi hath se dega kia?

    A Resident of I-16

    • Bhi Pims Say T- Chowk tak ka Route hay.. Gulberg Say Agy Road Tyar ho rahii hay jb Road Ban jaye to Blue Line T- Chowk Tak jaye ge

  • Aoa.janab chairman cda and buses admn mare request ya hay kiss door man waran bus chalte thee govt mulazmeen khoosh the route rawaily station rwp via karachi company to pak sectt ko reestore kia jaee.2.pak sectt via foreign office abpara o point faizabad up to rwp sadar or station. Route no.3.from sector g.9/ 2 say via pims up to khana pul old airport. 4.route no.jafar chook g.11 ,g.10.3 g.9 markaz pims o point abpara foreign office Serena hotel baraha good farmaeen.awam our govt servant ko school at deen.thanks

  • Thank you CDA to Add 13 New Routes to Islamabad’s Public Transport Network,
    Kindly include one route from inside G13, G14 to Secretariat via Karachi company and PIMS.
    Other one from inside G13, G14 to Ayoub Park RWP via 26 No. Sadar RWP, Kachari RWP through Peshawar Road for easy approach government officials in offices.

  • There should be a straight route from Murree road Faizabad rawal chock, park road till taramri chock. CDA should connect these twin cities and should have a route between fasil mosque to highway, old air port road till kachari chock.

  • Thank you CDA to Add 13 New Routes to Islamabad’s Public Transport Network,
    Kindly include one route from inside G13, G14 to Secretariat via Karachi company and PIMS.
    Other one from inside G13, G14 to Ayoub Park RWP via 26 No. Sadar RWP, Kachari RWP through Peshawar Road for easy approach government officials in offices.

    Chief Coordinator
    ®Residence Welfare Society G-13 Islamabad.
    (®RWS G-13 G-14)

  • CDA bus system makes you suffer with no card system of their own. They make you climb stations to collect tokens (orange/red line intersection), while Punjab red metro bus is smoothly running on its card system

  • Need a bus route on Siri-nagar highway (G-14) to Taramri and Taramri to G-14 for specifically students and faculty.. as many students of universities i.e (COMSATS, Hamdard, Abasyn, PEAC, and uni of NARC, NIH many more on this road) are in need of proper public transport…

    Student cards should also be introduced in this service…

  • Aoa, dear Mr Chairman CDA, before finalizing any decision on routes, please take into consideration the public opinion, because these routes and buses are for the general public and you must know which routes are important for them.

  • Thanks CDA administration , kindly add one route from 17 meel chater park to Bara koh to Faizabad

  • Yeah made in pakistan you are right. Even in 1980s india is using their own made cars in movies but pakistanis have used imported cars etc

  • Appreciable steps which will solve the problem of Islamabad and Rawalpindi citizens.

  • Add the New Route
    From Gul Bergh Green(Koral Chowk)
    To Rawat(Main City) Save Mart end Station 🚉
    Second Option is
    Extended The Route
    From PIMS(Islamabad)
    To Rawat(Main City) Save Mart End Station 🚉

  • What about sector I-9 and I-10, there are thousands of industrial workers as well as residents but there is no public transport facility available. Metro busses only comes at one end which is not sufficient. Kindly do something for these sectors too.

  • Good actions must b admired all the metro buses r a very good step to lessen the traffic problems n it is a very comfortable journey for poor people we must b thankful to God n concerned authorities God bless all of us

  • Good news. But also consider I-14 in the second phase. Because a large number of people from the surrounding area travel to Islamabad on daily basis.

  • سر مہربانی کریں ۔جو میٹرو ایر پورٹ جاتی ہے اس میں کچھ سٹاپ ایڈ کر لیں پلیز ۔
    جیسے ٹاپ سٹی مو ٹر واے پل تبلیغ مرکز۔
    خالی میٹرو بس چلتی رہتی ہے ۔اگر یہ سٹاپ دیے جائیں ۔
    تو عوام کا بھ فایدہ اور گورمنٹ کو بھی

  • شہری علاقوں کو چھوڑ کر پرانے ایئرپورٹ کی طرف بھی روٹ ہونا چہیے

  • Mr chairman I would like to remind you that sectors I/9 I/10 and I/11 are also in Islamabad territory and residence of above mentioned sectors are paying taxis they won’t mind if you start the bus service for them

  • Major portions of Islamabad having dense population and frequent commute requirements exist outside sectorial area. Please pay attention to it too.

    Further, ticket rates should be realistic and not subsidized. Discounts should only be for students, disabled and senior citizens.

  • PLEASE add Karachi company to faizabad route as their are lot off government employees living in G/9 area

  • Sir. Faisal masjid k lay b rute bana lay.pwd say Jo blue bus ati hain pims take is ka rute Faisal masjid tak bana lay.Thanks.

  • اسلام معلیکم
    میری گورمینٹ درخواست ھے بھارہ کہو اٹھال چوک سےبراستہ سملی ڈیم روڈسےپینڈ بھگوال تک بھی کوئی روٹ بنائیں سوزوکی والے بڑا زلیل کرتے ھیں عوام کو عین نوازش ھوگی ۔

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