A Complete Guide on Tapping Into Pakistani Freelancers’ Potential

By Tufail Ahmed Khan

Freelancing is becoming popular throughout the globe as a full-time profession. Freelancers are their own bosses, they select projects that interest them and work on their own deadlines. As for the freelance industry in Pakistan, it is growing at a rapid pace as well.

Given the increasing global competition, freelancing in Pakistan reportedly earned a whopping $397 million dollars in FY 2021-2022 at a growth rate of 2.74%. Of the total export earnings through freelancing, the IT-related export earnings were $265.444 million, while non-IT-related export earnings were $131.884 million.

Apart from the flexibility that freelancing offers, more and more individuals were attracted to the industry during the pandemic. Several companies saw losses and had to shut down their operations or downsize employees. This is where the freelancing industry proved to be really helpful to those in dire need of professional work.

How to Increase Freelancers in Pakistan

Though Pakistan garnered profits via freelancing, there is still ample space for more freelancers to join in and make money. The following steps can be taken to increase the popularity of freelancing in the country.

Recognize Freelancers as Professionals

First things first, freelancers must be recognized as true professionals. Companies hiring freelancers for different projects must treat them with respect, keep everything professional and pay them on time. This respect and motivation will help new freelancers join the market.

Unlimited Broadband Across the Country

There should be unlimited and efficient broadband in Pakistan. Especially for IT-related projects, it becomes difficult when broadband starts lagging. Internet connectivity should be improved in remote areas so that people from those areas can also benefit from freelancing opportunities.

Companies Can Help Freelancers Develop Their Craft

There are freelancers working in almost every other field. If you’re a seasoned professional in a field, say graphic designing, you can train aspiring graphic design freelancers, develop their skills, and craft a decent portfolio for them. You can even charge them for training and advice.

Companies Can Offer Career Advice to Freelancers

Freelancers usually look for advice on Google. Companies can fill this void. As a company or employer, you can research the freelancing field, get in touch with seasoned freelancers, learn the tips they follow to offer professional work, and make podcasts or YouTube tutorials to help freelancers with the wisdom you’ve gained.

Freelancing Offers Immense Flexibility

Freelancing is opening new opportunities for people who prefer a flexible way of working. For instance, students, women at home, and the differently abled can all make use of freelance opportunities.  These benefits must be promoted on various forums to make everyone aware of the world of opportunities that can open to them via freelancing.

How to Increase Remittances via Freelancing

The freelance market in Pakistan is very ripe at the moment. Pakistan should think of different ways to make profits from the freelance movement.

Freelancing is a Lucrative Option

A number of businesses and companies prefer outsourcing short-term projects to freelancers. From external support to core business functions, businesses including startups, large enterprises, and SMEs complete a plethora of tasks with the help of freelancers.

Clever entrepreneurs are also seeking freelancers to develop their business plans. After freelancing with a business and gaining enough knowledge, freelancers can become entrepreneurs themselves and start outsourcing parts of their jobs.

More Projects, More Money

The more projects a freelancer receives the higher the chances to make more money. To make this happen, it is necessary for freelancers and aspiring freelancers to make use of the various freelancing websites offering work. Four prominent freelancing websites include:

  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru

Recently, Pakistan Freelancers Association has been constituted mainly to raise the concerns of freelancers and to facilitate and train them through various platforms. This body will benefit its registered members including providing them with opportunities of acquiring skills.

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