Canada’s No.1 University Uses Nawaz Sharif as Prime Example for Corruption [Video]

The Supreme Leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Nawaz Sharif, was sentenced to seven years in prison by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2017 on corruption charges in the Panama Papers Case.

In 2019, the former Prime Minister was granted bail on medical grounds after being diagnosed with an immune system disorder. Subsequently, the ex-premier left for England and has been living there ever since.

Recently, a video started doing rounds on different social media platforms, showing that Nawaz Sharif is allegedly being taught as a practical application of corruption in an international university. Note here that this was alleged by the student who took the said lecture at the university.

According to details, a teacher at the University of Toronto, Canada, allegedly used Nawaz Sharif as the prime example of corruption during a lecture in a course.

The video has received a lot of traction on social media platforms, with the netizens lamenting that the former PM has once again brought embarrassment to the country.

Here are some of the top reactions.

  • PTI is the worst thing happened to Pakistan. They are trying to destroy the image of Pakistan abroad. 80% of Toronto University Students are Indians but you will never see an Indian throwing mud at their country people. But the degraded Pakistanis (especially most of Pushtoons, Slave minded PTI follower Darbari Punjabis and Urdu speakers spew venom against their own countrymen and fulfilling the mission of RAW and Mosaad. This is a part of Reputation Damage Project initiated by Foreign Agencies and fulfilled by Proxies of PTI worldwide.

    • Toheen e Nawaz Sharif. This Law should be implemented across pakistan. No one should be allowed to defame Sharif Family. Sharif family have invested their lives by growing a generation by feeding them with donkeys. Now a days these donkey fed feel so much pain when they see hear CHOR CHOR slogans

      I feel your pain my Donkey Brain Patwari

    • Subhan Allah😂😂

      What a DUMB logic😂😂

      Borris Johnson was removed from office and power after news of his exploits during COVID-19 protocols broke out. Should the British have stayed mum, because it brought shame to their country?😂

      Get a grip man.

    • Whoever gave birth to you should be examined by scientist. There is no way you are human nor is the thing that gave birth to you.

      • When people cannot argue against the points raised, they do personal attacks against the person opposing them (and/or their parents/family/ancestry etc; essentially anything that has nothing to do with the arguments/point they have raised).

        It is called ‘ad hominem’. It is a fallacy that shows that the person doing it is out of logical arguments and is now taking out their frustration in a display of desperation.

        No scientist needed. Although with that username, you might need to see a psychiatrist. Take care.

      • I think he is eating donkey buryani from Lahore streets. That’s why he is defending looter league

    • Haha .. why couldnt pmlN make such followers specially who are foreigners now ??? Are they so dumb ?? Let pakistanis decide.. they decision was quite evident in by-elections .. N vote ko izzat do walo nay phr jo kia wo bhi sbko pta h … People like u are worst thing that happened to Pakistan.. u people talk as if these pdm goons had made the country super power uptil 2018..

    • well Pakistan is being defamed not by PTI but by these corrupt mafias , people around the world are able to use their brain and eyes , they do not need PTI to tell them what to think and believe, and believe me all the journalists and media around the world do not really collect their news from PTI , as you think they do

  • First of all, was Nawaz jailed for corruption? Please read the judgment, if Pakistanis are ignorant on this, should we expect someone in Canada to have good knowledge of the case?
    Then most of people from other countries have knowledge from overseas Pakistanis or those with Pakistani roots and these Pakistanis have this complex that they don’t have anything positive of Pakistan to show to the world, an ex celebrity like Imran is their option. See how handsome 70 years old PM we had who was self declared honest and certified by courts who had big question mark on their credibility.
    Nawaz was never convicted of corruption in any case, if he was please let everyone know. Also this 4 seconds video proves nothing. This can be a case study of how state authority was used against a leader with fake narrative of war against corruption.

    • so you really believe that the journalists and media around the world are idiots all they do is go and ask pakistanis .
      Nawaz Sharif fled the country on the pretext of being ill , he never returned to Pakistan to attend the courts and now his brother has changed the rule with NRO and all the cases are gone, believe what you want to believe, that sharf mafia are all angels and media and journalist around the world go around ask overseas pakistanis about the news
      This is not how the world runs

  • Why to argue when SUPERIOR count OF pakistaN have pardoned. So forget discussing these dirty issues

  • A great Honour.!
    Proud moment for Pakistan.
    Vivà le Nawaz Sharif 👁️🚮

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