Avanceon Ltd Targets $100 Million Yearly Orders by 2025

Avanceon Limited (AVN) plans to achieve order generation of $100 million by 2025 with 80 percent revenue from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

According to a report by JS Research, AVN’s flagship Octopus Digital also expects to continue its strong performance and projects revenue of $9.5 million for 2023, taking it to $37 million by 2027.

The company is one of the leading tech companies with a global presence in the automation and system integration business. The company has shown impressive growth in top-line over the years, having achieved a 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent.

The oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream, accounts for a significant portion of revenue. In order to increase diversity, the group targets different projects and geographical areas. AVN announced a relatively lower-than-expected dollarized revenue during 9MCY22, due to a delay in LC approvals. The rupee devaluation contributed significantly to the other income head as more than 70 percent of the company’s sales are to international clients and thus are positively impacted by rupee devaluation.

Management, in its corporate briefing held on Thursday, shared that it follows IFRS15 for revenue recognition and that the company has a very conservative revenue recognition policy, making revenue recognition policy stricter than accounting fundamentals implemented by Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

They apprised a revenue recognition matrix or a reference grid for revenue recognition according to which very few deliveries are recognized in the first quarter of the calendar year and a major portion of the revenue is recognized in the third quarter.

Revenues and profits hence usually remain on the lower side in the first half. Due to supply chain issues, this time around some portion of the revenue could not be recognized in 3Q and will now likely reflect in the last quarter of CY22. Management highlighted that Avanceon Group has an order backlog of $71 million as of September 2022.

Management shared its plan of achieving order generation of the $100 million mark by CY25 where 80 percent of the revenue is targeted from the MENA region. For this purpose, the company plans to expand in the markets where it already has a presence i.e. Qatar, UAE, and KSA. AVN also plans to expand its product portfolio for the oil and gas sector in UAE and Africa.

The core business is expected to organically grow by 10-15 percent on a YoY basis and at a 4-year CAGR of 16 percent until FY25 for Pakistan. With additional growth initiatives, the 4-year cumulative growth rate is expected to increase to 24 percent. For the UAE region, the organic growth is assumed at a CAGR of 23-25 percent over the next 3-4 years which might get to 55 percent with growth initiatives.

The group’s growth initiatives include the formation of the Process Business vertical from where the group targets revenues of up to $20mn by the year 2025. The segment has already kickstarted and has projects in Nigeria, Kazakhstan, and UAE in the pipeline. Product offerings include chemical injection skids, wellhead hydraulic control panels, and solar systems for oil wells.

The process division shall be working across all geographies and leverage the group’s footprints and resources. AVN has also set up a JV in Nigeria focusing on the Oil and Gas Automation business and Digitalization.

OCTOPUS Continues Expansion

The group’s flagship, Octopus Digital, posted a 43 percent YoY growth in earnings during 9MCY22. Octopus is projected to post a revenue of $9.5 million for the next year. Whereas, net profit for the next year is projected at $3.7 million. Octopus Digital is expected to post revenue in excess of $37 million by the year 2027.

Since Octopus Digital is not impacted by the same cycles as AVN and has a different array of services offered, the company is considered a great diversifier. The dollarized gross margins for 2027 are expected at 67 percent (rupee gross margins for 9MCY22 clocked in at 72 percent). The company has not incurred any meaningful marketing expenditure yet and has hired a consultancy firm for the same.

The company’s collaboration with Zamil O&M Company (ZOMCO), a provider of operations and maintenance services in Saudi Arabia, represents its biggest success. OCTOPUS is anticipated to have access to several channels through ZOMCO. Through this agreement, the management also hopes to break into the banking facilities market.

Empiric AI – A Recent Acquisition

ANV and Dawood Hercules Corporation (DAWH) have entered into a share swap agreement to facilitate the growth and realize the true potential of Empiric AI. Empiric Al is a supplier of advanced analytics solutions built on artificial intelligence that enables businesses to increase dependability, cut costs, and increase yield. They give genuine, quantifiable and meaningful results through process optimization and energy reduction by applying their proprietary Al models to the plant data of their clients.

They continue to develop and innovate Al-based industrial loT solutions with a global reach through their knowledge of data sciences, software development, and Process Engineering. With similar product offerings and target audiences, AVN and Empiric AI can draw from each other’s expertise and realize synergies.

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