Instagram’s Subscribe Feature Arrives in Pakistan

Up until now, Instagram only allowed you to follow people on the platform, but recently it also added a ‘subscribe’ button alongside the usual ‘follow’ button. This feature was launched around the globe earlier this year, but now it is also arriving in Pakistan.

Just like Twitter’s Super Follow feature, Instagram’s subscribe option unlocks special perks and privileges for a price but only from people you subscribe to. For instance, if you subscribe to an influencer, you will get a special subscriber badge that will be visible next to your name whenever you comment or send a direct message to that influencer.

It will unlock exclusive content that is only available to subscribers and you will be able to chat with influencers once they start a subscriber social channel. Lastly, paying users will get messages that the influencer only sends to their subscribers.

In short, you become a paid follower with extra perks. Take a look at the screenshot below.

It will be a monthly subscription and the cost will vary between different creators. Usually, it will be around Rs. 200 for most creators, but some might charge extra or a bit less. You can also gift a subscription to someone else.

It is worth mentioning that not all Instagram creators will have a subscribe option on their profile. It is only available to those who enable it. You can find the subscribe button if you head over to a creator’s profile. The button is right next to the usual ‘Follow’ and ‘Message’ buttons.

You can pay for subscriptions through credit or debit cards or through your mobile network’s payment features.

Now that the feature is available for users in Pakistan, it should be visible to most if not all local users here. Make sure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version.