Elon Musk Makes a U-turn With Twitter Blue Verified Coming Back Again

Twitter’s revamped Blue Tick subscription service, which allowed anyone to get their account verified for $8 per month, was shelved after it was widely exploited for trolling.

In order to avoid further chaos, Elon Musk’s micro-blogging company turned off the subscription model and temporarily removed users’ verified tick marks.

Interestingly, Elon Musk has formally confirmed that the Blue Verified feature will be reactivated on 29 November in order to test its improvements.

According to Musk, changing the name will now result in the removal of the blue tick until Twitter verifies the name and whether it fulfills the terms of service.

Note here that the blue tick wasn’t originally a part of the premium subscription that cost $5 a month. It came with perks like being able to edit and schedule tweets. Later, the price was raised to $8 in an effort to make more money, with anyone being able to get the verified blue tick if they paid for the subscription.


Furthermore, it allowed anyone to be verified, a privilege that was only enjoyed by politicians, celebrities, journalists, media, and other high-profile personalities or businesses. However, after the service went live, Musk didn’t say how Twitter would stop fake accounts from getting verified, and it resulted in the ensuing chaos.