CAA Reveals Truth Behind Fire Along Karachi Airport’s Runway

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has clarified that the media misreported the incident of bush fire along the runway of Jinnah International Airport Karachi that occurred last week.

According to the clarification issued by the CAA, the bush fire erupted outside the protective fencing of the runway of Karachi airport that was quickly put out by fire tenders.

The CAA clarified that the bush fire did not affect any sensitive installation at the airport. The media wrongfully claimed that the bush fire erupted near sensitive installations at the airport.

The management of Karachi airport regularly mows grass and bushes inside the protective boundary of the runway, which rules out the chances of bush fire erupting inside the protective boundary.

On 15 November, various news outlets, while quoting CAA sources, claimed that a bush fire erupted along the runway of Karachi airport that was extinguished by several fire tenders.

The reports revealed that the grass and bushes along the runway had not been mowed since following the monsoon season which witnessed torrential rainfalls across Sindh.