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NHA Barred From Collecting Toll Taxes Between Sukkur and Moro

Sindh High Court (SHC) has barred the National Highway Authority (NHA) from collecting toll taxes from people traveling between Sukkur and Moro.

Justice Zafar Rajput has given a stern warning to NHA officials regarding their slackness in the restoration of the national highway, which was destroyed by the monsoon floods in Sindh.

Sehwan Sharif, Khairpur, Ranipur, and Moro were among the areas affected by the floods. Justice Rajput blamed the dilapidated roads as the main reason for people in these areas losing their lives. Addressing the NHA representatives, Justice Rajput said:

People are still suffering the  devestating aftermath of the floods due to the destroyed road network. How can you collect toll taxes from them?

He ordered NHA not to collect toll taxes from the people traveling between Sukkur and Moro until the road is repaired.

In September, the Standing Committee on Communications asked NHA to stop collecting toll taxes on roads affected by recent nationwide floods.

Members of the committee questioned NHA’s decision to continue collecting toll taxes on these roads.

Representatives of the NHA informed the committee that they would consider the request for temporary toll-free passage in the districts impacted by flooding. SHC’s orders in this regard will likely ensure this request is fulfilled.