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Cars Exempted From Biometric Registration for 2 Months in Punjab

The Punjab Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control (ET&NC) department has offered relaxation to car owners due to the suspension of the biometric system.

The official notification states:

In exercise of power conferred under rule 4 of Punjab motor vehicles Rule 1969, Punjab Governor in the consultation with Punjab Provincial Transport Authority, is pleased to exempt the motor vehicles from the operations of rule of 47 of the Rule ibid only to the extent of biometric impression of transfer for the period of two months subject to the verification and satisfaction of the concerned authority, with immediate effect.

The notification also said that the exemption will expire after two months upon the resumption of the system.

In September 2022, ET&NC announced the suspension of biometric verification due to a technical fault. According to the details, the system malfunctioned due to a discrepancy between the old and new vehicle registration processes.

The department replaced the old manual system with a new biometric one in 2022 but is struggling to integrate the old vehicle data with the new system, which resulted in lengthy delays.

The suspension will continue till December 11, 2022. In the interim, the government will incorporate the data of around 177,000 old vehicles into the new system. The department clarified that these three months will also serve as a grace period for those looking to register or transfer their car.

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