Social Security Employees to Get Lifetime Medical Services for Free

The governing board of the Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) voted on Wednesday to extend the Sehat Sahulat Card program at Punjab social security hospitals, as well as to give prospective employees and their wives lifelong medical coverage.

The 158th session of the Punjab Social Security governing body was conducted at the head office, presided over by the Labor Minister, Ansar Majeed Khan, and attended by the rest of the body.

Dr. Babar Hussain Bandisha, Director of Public Relations, and officials from departments of health, labor, finance, and industry were also present at the meeting.

The body authorized the employment of specialists to fill empty positions in several social security hospitals, upgrade Social Security Hospital Multan Road Lahore by 50 more beds and okayed various forms of loans for the institution’s staff.

It also allowed the conversion of the Social Security Emergency Centre Toba Tek Singh to a Social Security Dispensary, the expansion of Jaranwala Hospital from 25 to 50 beds, and the staff’ leave encashment payment.

The governing body further authorized the building of Directorates in Kasur and Hasan Abdal for the benefit of employees.

Minister Khan remarked that the long-awaited requests of employees and staff are being addressed by investigating legal issues. He further declared that the staff is an asset and that the government will take all necessary legal action against fraudster units in order to boost the institution’s productivity. Increasing organizational contributions will result in better working conditions for employees.