MIDCITY: Experience Healthy Urban Living in Lahore’s Premier Green-Centric Community

MIDCITY is the ultimate destination for the start of your story as it aims to provide an environment and space that promotes a strong sense of community while catering to opulence, affordability, and convenience, in a green-centric, environment-friendly community.

Revolutionizing urban contemporary living, MIDCITY uses the idea of building communities and improving every resident’s quality of life.

With a vision of bringing green-centric community living to Pakistan, MIDCITY Housing brought together the best urbanists and designers to bring their vision of the ultimate community concept to life.

This vision has evolved into a dream living experience in the shape of a magnificent community – MIDCITY which follows a 5-minute community concept, with its network of pedestrian & cycling tracks and range of full-service amenities establishing a benchmark for others to follow.

MIDCITY has been built on a 5-minute community concept which dictates how the host of amenities in MIDCITY are safely accessible within five minutes of each other for ultimate ease and comfort. Within this 5-minute community design, MIDCITY aims to provide community-friendly infrastructure.

Along with building strong communities, MIDCITY holds the vision of green living by including pedestrian pathways, cycling tracks, picturesque parks in a Green-Spine design concept, enriching lifestyles by providing quality public spaces and opportunities for increased social connectivity without compromising on individual privacy and convenience.

MIDCITY is a Mixed-Use Real Estate Development Project which includes a Town House District, Apartment District, and Business District.

The Town House District is an aesthetically built urban masterpiece designed to provide opulent communal living. With 5 & 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots along with delectably designed 5.5 Marla built homes – MIDCITY offers a wealth of choices for those looking for a home – whether they want a ready-made residence or a space to curate their home according to their lifestyle.

It is designed to provide ease of access throughout with every amenity and district within 5 minutes of each other.

MIDCITY is one of the most walkable communities with private streets and a strong emphasis on security to always maintain a pedestrian-friendly environment.

The community features a scenic central park equipped with rich green lawns, children’s play areas, a clubhouse called Experia equipped with fully-serviced dining rooms, fitness, wellness, and sports facilities, an amphitheater, and meet & greet spaces.

Furthermore, MIDCITY ensures easy access to markets & necessity shops, a spacious and elegant central masjid, an urban forest, a junior school, a banquet facility, and a smart housing management system.

The Apartment District offers both MID-RISE and HIGH-RISE apartment buildings. In terms of design and execution, the apartments at MIDCITY guarantee a healthy and luxurious community lifestyle.

The Business District, on the other hand, is built with a ‘customer first’ approach prioritizing customers’ convenience and ease of access. The district consists of a 150-feet boulevard providing vast space for customized brands, banks, eateries, retail showrooms, etc. facilitating both local and global brands. MIDCITY Business District aims to be the “High Street of Lahore South” and is bound to become the future hub of shopping.

In terms of sociability, functionality, and sustainability MIDCITY has been planned in a way that not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but offers convenience and splendor as well. Its human-centric designs offer plentiful sociable spaces promoting vehicle-free zones and accessible green spaces, which are great for health and communal living.

Every resident of MIDCITY’s active communities will be able to live central, active and emotionally connected lives. MIDCITY is revitalizing social connectivity as the essence of vibrant communities in the modern age by providing welcoming public places to ensure social connectedness-based neighborhoods.

MIDCITY is a dream place to be as it offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for your forever home for your family or an investment property, MIDCITY’s got it all. With all its features and amenities, MIDCITY is the perfect starting point for you to craft your own stories and truly live up to life.

For Booking and more details, please visit here, or call at UAN 042 111 002 739.

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