10 Foreign Nationals Arrested in Karachi for Chanting Anti-Pakistan Slogans

Ten Afghan nationals were arrested by Karachi police who were involved in chanting anti-Pakistan slogans.

Details reveal that the Karachi police has intensified crackdown against illegal Afghan nationals involved in criminal activities.

West Karachi police detained 10 Afghan nationals for chanting anti-Pakistani slogans during a search and combing operation. They were taken into custody from Pakistan Bazar, Orangi Town, Mominabad, and Pirabad areas of the city.

After the operation, the police registered cases against the arrested individuals in accordance with the Foreign Act at the relevant police stations.

In a separate development, 14 Afghan nationals were also arrested by Karachi police for illegally residing in the provincial capital.

Central Karachi police conducted a late night operation and arrested over a dozen of Afghan nationals after they failed to provide relevant identity documents.

Police has filed cases against them under Foreign Act. Police stated that it would continue to crackdown against illegal foreign nationals in the metropolis.

Published by
Haroon Hayder