OnePlus is Making Mechanical Keyboards For Gamers

OnePlus has just announced a new platform to collaborate with other companies to make new products. This platform is called OnePlus Featuring, and Keychron, a futuristic computer keyboard manufacturer, is the first company to join the fray. 

The two companies will be working together on a new mechanical keyboard, making it OnePlus’s first. Just like any other mechanical keyboard, this one will also let you hot-swap keys and switches anytime for customization. It will be available around the world in 2023, although no further details have been provided.

Today, mechanical keyboards are quite popular and have a large fan base, especially among the gamer community. Keychron, a company that has been in business since 2017, is a familiar name in this sector. This category of computer accessories (mechanical keyboards) was also selected by OnePlus community members to be a future product category. They voted it to the top in a poll on the OnePlus forums.

OnePlus Entering The PC Market?

The company also announced that it is launching two new PC monitors, which suggests it is highly interested in joining the PC market, quite like Xiaomi. The latter is planning to announce its first-ever desktop PCs soon.

Evidently, the PC segment is the next big battleground for these companies. Perhaps some other major Chinese names will join the battle as well such as OnePlus’ sister companies Oppo and Vivo.

OnePlus also celebrated its 9th year anniversary this month and reported continued growth in India and Asia Pacific in the first three quarters of 2022. The Chinese brand saw 43.8% and 104.6% year-over-year growth in the two regions respectively. 

Red Cable Club, OnePlus’ membership program, has also reached 30 million members. Further, OnePlus announced that a variety of new products will be launched globally in the next months, but did not clarify which ones. 

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