Pakistan to Hold Financial Aid Conference in Switzerland Next Month

Pakistan Donor Conference for seeking financial help from the international community for flood relief and rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in affected areas is scheduled on 10th January in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sources in the Economic Affairs Division told ProPakistani that the “Resilience Pakistan Conference” is going to be held on 10th January 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is pertinent to mention here that France had proposed to hold a donor conference for getting international assistance from the international community.

Pakistan’s friendly countries, development partners, and multilateral and other international agencies will be invited to the conference, sources told the scribe. Pakistan will present its plan for the “Resilient Recovery Rehabilitation and Reconstruction” before the donor agencies and friendly countries to start reconstruction and rehabilitation processes in the flood-affected areas.

Pakistan’s government anticipates that the international community will provide financial help to the country for initiating the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction in the flood-affected area.

According to the estimate which was prepared by the Government of Pakistan and other international agencies, Pakistan’s economy has lost $30 billion due to the devastations of the recent floods and monsoon rains. Out of total losses, $16 billion are immediately required to start the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction in the flood-affected areas.

Pakistan also needs billions of dollars to make resilient and adaptable infrastructure that would have the capability to save the nation from disasters in the future including the melting of glaciers, droughts, floods, rains, and heat waves due to climate changes.

So far, Pakistan has only managed to secure $3.27 billion from international communities for flood relief activities so far including fresh and reallocations of different loans and grants out of a minimum of $16 billion.

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