Here’s Why You Continue to Dream About Exams Even Years After Studies

According to anecdotal data, many individuals keep dreaming about tests long after they have graduated from high school and college.

Experts believe that such dreams can signify the subconscious need to excel or succeed at something.

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Dr. Ruksheda Syeda, a psychotherapist in Mumbai, explained that if someone is in a comparable situation in real life where they desire to thrive and are under comparable stress, it may lead to these dreams.

These nightmares might also be a result of the adult dreamer’s excessive academic stress throughout their school years.

Dr. Kamna Chhibber, Head of the Department of Mental Health at Fortis Healthcare, explained that such dreams may occur if tests were a prominent aspect of one’s childhood or school life. This explains why nightmares frequently include experiences or thoughts that would cause anguish or concern.

She advised against dwelling on such nightmares because they are from a past era and have no repercussions. Instead of ruminating on them, one should practice self-care and maintain a balanced diet.

Dr. Syeda reaffirmed these views by saying that a good day requires a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep necessitates a good day, which may be ensured by keeping a healthy lifestyle.