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Majority of Accidents in Karachi This Year Were Fatal: Report

Karachi fell victim to 215 traffic road incidents this year. These accidents caused 184 deaths and 152 injuries.

Of these accidents, 91 occurred in the western district, resulting in 69 fatalities and 77 injuries. Similarly, truck collisions caused the deaths of 41 people and injury to 10 others. There were 141 motorcycle accidents, 110 of which were fatal, resulting in 130 deaths and 84 injuries, as reported by Express Tribune.

Malir saw a total of 36 traffic accidents, 34 of which were fatal, resulting in the deaths of 41 persons and the injury of 29 others. The Traffic Zone of District East reported 26 accidents, of which 21 resulted in fatalities and 13 resulted in injuries. Similarly, 19 traffic mishaps occurred in the central district, resulting in 18 fatalities and 9 injuries.

Likewise, there were 17 traffic incidents in Korangi, which resulted in 14 fatalities and 9 injuries. The southern district reported 20 traffic accidents that caused 16 fatalities and 12 injuries, while the district city reported six incidents that caused 3 injuries and no fatalities.

Moreover, crashes between trailers and motor vehicles caused 20 fatalities and 15 injuries, whereas water tanker crashes caused 21 accidents which further resulted in 14 fatalities and 16 injuries. Dump trucks were involved in 17 accidents, causing 15 fatalities and 8 injuries, while 17 accidents involved oil tankers, resulting in 15 fatalities and 19 injuries.

Buses caused 14 traffic incidents, further resulting in 12 fatalities and 4 injuries. In addition, 12 people died and 31 were injured in 16 accidents involving minibusses, while 5 people died in 8 accidents involving collisions with coaches.

Furthermore, 23 crashes between cars and jeeps resulted in 19 fatalities and 16 injuries while 12 unidentified caused 20 deaths and five cases of injuries.

  • All because of rickshaws and motorcycles. The national rickshaw buyback program to start from Karachi will save thousands of lives and improve millions. Have Sazgar and other such companies considered tapping the $1 billion allocated for this program? They’ll get to produce 300,000 cars and replace the rickshaws in the city. Karachi will become the second city in Pakistan after Islamabad to ban rickshaws, completely. Why the delay?

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