Smuggled Electronics Worth Millions Seized at Karachi Airport

Officials from Customs stopped a bid by smugglers to smuggle electronic goods worth Rs 4.6 million at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport on Monday. 

These electronics were confiscated from the luggage of a passenger and his mother who arrived from Dubai on a foreign flight.

Shabbir was identified as the accused passenger, but the mother’s name remains anonymous. 

The officers asked the passenger if he was carrying any items with duties imposed on them. He denied transporting any such items, but the officials investigated his suspicious behavior and recovered the electronic items.

They found 16 iPhones, 7 smartwatches, 4 iPads, 6 AirPods, 8 gaming controllers, 2 pairs of eye lenses, 60 DVDs, and a variety of clothing from different brands.

This collection included the latest iPhone 14 models, several discs of the God of War Ragnarok game for the PlayStation 5, many Apple Watches, PlayStation 5 controllers, branded handbags, cosmetics, and much more. 

After filing the case, the accused passenger was taken into custody. Further investigation began after the court handed him over to the officers on remand.

  • It is also to be noted that PTA chairman equally responsible for registering smuggled phone on cnic when import on phones are banned.

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