Only in Pakistan: Picture of Woman Sleeping on Airplane Floor Goes Viral

The picture of a passenger on an airplane floor has been making rounds on the internet. The passenger was reportedly traveling on the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-740 from Jeddah to Islamabad.

Netizens had varied reactions to the image with some voicing concern about the safety of lying down on the floor in a moving flight, particularly near the exit door, while others spoke in the passenger’s defense, saying that long flights, especially for returning pilgrims, can be very exhausting.

A Facebook user in the comments section of the post in the group ‘Voice of Customer’, claiming to be a fellow passenger from the same flight, explained that the flight had been delayed for more than 10 hours, and requested the people not to criticize without knowing the whole situation.

Several users responded to the comment saying that flight delays are a normal occurrence around the world, and was no reason to endanger fellow passengers and flight crew by lying down on the floor.

Likewise, many users expressed concern over sharing someone’s picture on the internet without their consent.

The netizens also questioned why the cabin crew had not resolved the situation in any way, as it was their job to ensure that all the passengers remain seated.

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