Twitter Navigation to Undergo Major Overhaul Soon

Twitter will very soon allow you to swipe between interfaces that contain recommended and followed tweets, trends, and topics. Elon Musk announced that the navigation feature would be available in January.

The Twitter CEO hinted at this feature first in October, pointing out that the “main timeline should allow for an easy sideways swipe between top, latest, trending, and topics that you follow”. The platform allows users to switch between a chronological timeline which shows the most recent tweets in order and the Home timeline by tapping the stars icon in the upper right corner.

This new feature adds additional views to the interface and makes them more accessible by swiping. Although this seems quite useful, it might be difficult to get used to. If the new navigation system is poorly implemented, users could accidentally end up switching between different views while scrolling through the timeline. 

Although it’s not clear when the feature will be available to all users, it adds to the list view counts on tweets and priority ranking in conversations for subscribers of Blue. Musk says that the new update should roll out in January, which is only a day away now.

Obviously, it will not magically appear for everyone as soon as January comes around. We might go a few weeks into the month before it gradually rolls out to everyone around the globe. Pakistan will likely get it a few days after the rest of the world.

Public Tweet Views

As mentioned earlier, Twitter recently made tweet views publicly visible to everyone. Before, you could only see views for your own tweets through the activity dashboard, but now you can see it for everyone else too.

Check out the link below for more details.