Supreme Court Fines Customs for Not Returning Citizen’s Car Despite Payment

The Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) has expressed serious displeasure over the Director General (DG) of Pakistan Customs’ Intelligence Wing, Faiz Ahmad, for not complying with its orders.

The development emerged from the hearing of a case filed by a citizen whose Non-Custom Paid (NCP) car was seized by Customs and hasn’t been released despite clearing taxes and duties.

During the hearing, Justice Qazi Faez Isa said that the car has been gathering dust in a Customs warehouse for the last five years. He asked if Customs would pay the damages when something goes wrong with the car.

Justice Faez also questioned the official if he’s above the law. He asked the official to explain why the car hasn’t been released despite rulings from three courts in the favor of the citizen.

The official stated that this is a unique case of NCP. Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar intervened and asked how is it a unique case when the citizen has cleared all taxes and duties.

The apex court rejected Customs’ appeal to quash the case. It also imposed a fine of Rs. 50,000 on Customs for wasting the precious time of the courts by filing frivolous petitions.

Published by
Haroon Hayder