Supernet Ltd Plans to Go Global

Supernet Limited plans to expand its operation in foreign markets by serving customers of a European Satellite operator internationally.

According to a stock filing, Supernet has been making determined efforts to start providing its services to customers outside of Pakistan, and now the company is pleased to report that it has signed a partnership agreement with a European Satellite Operator internationally.

The intention behind this strategy is to benefit from a substantial base of expertise that Supernet and its subsidiaries have developed over a long period of time.

This includes core areas of telecom network and infrastructure design, implementation, operation and maintenance, software and business process automation and outsourcing, cyber security operations and maintenance, power systems management, etc.

It also plans to generate revenues from such activities from outside of Pakistan where the market size and growth opportunities are much larger.

The scope of the services includes network design and implementation, operations and maintenance, project management, warehousing, inventory management, and equipment repair. The services will be provided through a combination of in-country and remote arrangements.

An initial order has also been placed, under the agreement, and more orders are expected to follow in the future.

In addition, Supernet is also working on developing other such opportunities and expects more such agreements and deals to materialize in the near future.