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You Can Be Fined Up to Rs. 50,000 For Eating, Drinking or Applying Make-Up While Driving in UAE

Drivers can become distracted by a variety of factors, including eating, drinking, smoking, or using their smartphones, resulting in serious tragedy. In UAE, distracted driving accounted for 13% of fatal accidents in 2021, as over 2,000 accidents occurred during that period.

Taking to Twitter, the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of Abu Dhabi, stated that eating, drinking, or being distracted by any other thing increases the chances of an accident by a massive 80%.

Speaking about distracted driving, a Dubai-based legal advisor, Navandeep Matta, stated that distraction has multiple connotations in UAE’s traffic laws. He remarked that any activity that distracts drivers, such as texting, applying make-up, making videos, and so on, can be applied to penalize the driver.

According to Navandeep, motorists can be fined up to AED 800 and get 4 black points if they eat, drink, smoke, or apply makeup while driving. He advised motorists to keep both hands on the steering wheel while driving and at traffic lights.

Below is a list of the most common driving distractions in the UAE, according to Road Safety UAE, a traffic-related portal.

  • Other drivers’ behavior.
  • Passengers talking to the driver.
  • Changing radio frequency.
  • Adjusting the vehicle AC.
  • Children behaving poorly.
  • Complex roads.
  • Road signs
  • Using a smartphone.
  • Using maps or satellite navigation.
  • Reaching for objects inside the vehicle.

  • The same amount of fine should on Jahils using mobile phone while driving. I’m seeing more and more Jahils increasing everyday.

  • Also
    1. Sneezing
    2. Farting
    3. Smiling
    4. Shrugging
    5. Blinking
    6. Thinking
    7. Winking
    8. Breathing
    9. Admiring

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