Islamabad Club Ordered to Review Dress Code After Dhoti Controversy

After PML-N MNA Sheikh Rohail Asghar was refused service and access into the club for wearing a dhoti, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) instructed the Islamabad Club administration to review and update their mandatory dress code for all members.

The PAC met with the club’s management, which was chaired by the committee’s Chairman Noor Alam Khan, and received a financial summary from the management.

As reported by management, MNA Asghar was enraged by the clothing rule and vehemently declared that the British had departed the country, but their legacies still followed them. Shalwar Kameez is the country’s national dress, and Dhoti is an article of cultural clothing, yet you don’t receive service at the club without wearing a suit.

The Islamabad Club’s Secretary indicated that the formal attire was applied in the formal dining hall and that the dress requirement was part of the club’s heritage. He explained that the administration did not serve and refused Sheikh Rohail Asghar service since the club is not a cultural club. Wearing a Dhoti, on the other hand, is proof of decency, according to Sheikh Rohail Asghar.

PAC directed the Islamabad Club administration to hold a board meeting to discuss the problem and examine the dress code.

Meanwhile, when it came to the Islamabad Club’s financial management, the committee raised concerns and requested an audit report at the next meeting. According to PAC, the club has an annual deficit of Rs. 500 million and a loss of Rs. 1.32 billion in the previous fiscal year, while total spending was Rs. 1.37 billion.

Chairman Khan questioned how a club that charged its members millions of rupees could sell a meal of fish for Rs. 1,200 and two gulab jamun smaller than even a bottle cap for Rs. 340 at a loss. The committee was apprised that the club’s assets were approximately Rs. 2.74 billion and its liabilities were at Rs. 969 million.

    • Yes agreed that dhoti is cultural but the club is not our culture . These people should go to dhabas that is culture

  • Their food quality is also deteriorating. I go there alot and I’ve noticed how most of their high tea items are completely tasteless; it’s as if the quality of food is exhibiting how they are trying to save a ton of money.

  • Dhoti is a ‘decent’ dress by all definitions of the word because it covers a human being from the waist to the feet. Dhoti is to a man, what a long skirt is to a woman. Those opposed to Dhoti need to change their outlook towards dress. I wonder if a FAUJI is in the Club’s administration. I have serious reservations over the Club’s very existence and the way it works.

  • The dress code also includes Pakistan national dress which is shalwar qameez,black sherwani/waist coat and black boats with socks. One can wear Pakistan national dress for formal occasions or even otherwise. Dress codemust be followed/inforced or it would become a cultural show, people attired in all types and colour of dresses.

    • So what’s wrong if people come in their cultural dresses ? Why do we not want to see different colours and cultural dresses ? It should be only the indecency or casualty which should not be allowed.

      • What’s wrong with wearing national dress which is permitted as well? There has to be difference between formal dress and casual dress for entering such places. Going by your argument then all cultural and informal dresses should be allowed in corporate and government offices.

        • Islamabad club is not an office or corporate business so club management must respect the cultural dress. Must come out of salve mentality.

      • The best thing is close all the clubs and do with dhabas that’s what we deserve
        There should be some dress code for entering such places and let it be a place of some sanity

        • So you mean that people wearing their local dresses are insane while only suited booted people are sane?? They don’t even allow a decent well dressed kheri/chawwat wearing person under shalwar kameez. Which is a cultural thing for punjabis and pathans. Disrespecting the national provincial dress codes or even looking down to people wearing them. How is that insane. Its only inferiority complex that we’ve got from the bloody britain.

  • These clubs are meeting points of middlemen brokering deals in every sector. Slaves in every aspect of life suffering with scute inferiority complex throng such places to spend their ill gotten money.

  • Dhoti Mr.Rohail is a dress when u r at home.
    But our national dress Shilwar Qameez while one member wearing none of the club staff responsible can deny entry to the premise.

  • This is a shameful act, Islamabad club needs to review its policies, and make it accessable for people who prefer, dhoti, shlwar kmeez, turban, abbaya burqa etc,

  • Shalwar qamees is our national dress not Suit it’s not a british era so please review your SOP’s

  • When MNAs don’t spend time or outrage on corruption or child rape instead you become weaker than Afghanistan

  • It is not the question of suits, shalwar qameez, dhoti etc, it is about following the rules and regulations formulated and agreed by the members. So it must be followed. Nevertheless, if you consider to change the dress code for the club, fine enough, there is a way to make amends in the regulation, so change it in a manner prescribed. Set the rules with consensus and follow it.

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