Diabetes Awareness Initiative ‘Pheeka’ Launches Diabetes Friendly eShop in Collaboration with Concave Naturals

In 2022, 26.7% of adults in Pakistan were reported to be affected by diabetes, and experts are alarmed at the spike in this chronic health condition.

In light of the rise in the number of diabetes patients in Pakistan, Pheeka has launched an eShop in collaboration with Concave Naturals to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Pheeka is an initiative dedicated to spreading awareness regarding diabetes and informing the community on the complications, diagnosis, and general information about the disease.

The brand is committed to encouraging individuals with diabetes to adopt a healthier lifestyle while reaching out to the masses on how to avoid complications, recognize symptoms, and the best course of action in case of diagnosis.

Diabetes is a life-altering disease that severely impacts one’s lifestyle and well-being. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), diabetes is defined as a chronic illness when the pancreas fails to produce the body’s required amount of insulin or when the body is ineffective in using the insulin produced.

The disease is categorized into two types. Type-1 diabetes commonly occurs in adolescents and is characterized by deficient insulin production and requires daily administration of insulin.

Type-2 diabetes is more commonly diagnosed in adults and is the body’s failure in utilizing the insulin produced.

Motivated to encourage people to cut down on unhealthy sugars, stay hydrated, exercise regularly and prioritize a healthy diet for a healthy body, Pheeka has launched an e-commerce store in collaboration with Concave Naturals.

Concave Naturals is an eco-conscious well-being brand that offers a wide range of edibles, skincare, and aromatherapy. Each of their products is centered around embracing a natural, healthier, and sustainable way of living that can be beneficial for users’ mind, body, and soul.

Both brands share a common goal, which is to prompt the diabetic community towards making important lifestyle changes in order to combat this rising illness.

Concave Naturals offers an astounding range of artisanal teas, cookies, dry fruits, superfoods, and seasonings that are now available at https://pheeka.pk/shop/.