Primary Student Punished for Wearing a Casual Sweater

A young student was harshly beaten by a schoolteacher in Renala Khurd city of Okara for wearing a casual sweater, going against the school dress code. This has outraged the parents and locals.

Waqar Ali, a teacher at a government primary school in Anwar Shaheed Colony, allegedly subjected the youngster to physical punishment for not following the school’s dress code.

When the student arrived home with injuries, parents and residents gathered in front of the school over the harsh treatment.

They screamed anti-teacher slogans and requested that higher authorities investigate the incident.

The victim’s mother explained that the family is poor and cannot arrange a new school sweater.

This incident emphasizes the need for adequate teacher training and instruction on disciplinary actions. They should also take into account poverty and economic disparity which may hinder students from following dress codes.