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Kia May Have Accidentally Leaked EV9’s Specs and Price

Kia Motor Corporation has accidentally leaked vital information about its upcoming flagship electric vehicle (EV). Electrek reveals that the company sent a survey to a Kia Telluride owner, including the details of the all-new Kia EV9.

Citing the questionnaire, the report highlights that Kia EV9 will have up to five variants. The base variant will have a single rear-mounted electric motor sending 200 horsepower (hp) and 339 Newton meters (Nm) of torque to the rear wheels.

The range-topping variant will have a dual electric motor with 400 hp and 650 Nm of torque sent to all four wheels. The driving range varies from 350 kilometers to 466 kilometers on a single charge. The specs of each variant are as follows:

Variants Price Range Horsepower Torque (Nm) 0-100 KM/H
Trim 1 $56,000 220 200 250 8.5 7
Trim 2 $61,000 290 200 250 8.9 6
Trim 3 $63,000 260 400 380 6 7
Trim 4 $68,000 240 400 380 6 6
Trim 5 $73,000 240 400 480 5.2 6

The scribe adds that these details are “not set in stone” implying that there could be changes in the final product. The EV9 is set for launch in H1 2023, which will answer a lot of burning questions regarding its value proposition.