Pakistan’s Political Crisis is Causing Mental Problems Among People

The Pakistan Association of Clinical Psychologists (PACP) is alarmed about the psychological effect of the political crisis on the general public. As experts in human behavior, emotions, and psychological health, the association has noticed unprecedented levels of societal segmentation due to the current political conflict.

While the PACP provides assistance to individuals suffering from mental illnesses, it is also concerned about the forces that lead to them.

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The association maintains that its statements aren’t political, but arise from an increase in psychological problems due to the current political atmosphere. Individuals taking strong political positions are affecting social networking sites and in-person relationships, leaving little space for discussion. This symbolizes the national-level acts of politicians and parties.

These behaviors have a multifaceted influence. It has resulted in a social rift and violent inclinations at the societal level. Politically, it has resulted in insecurity and, eventually, a major economic disaster. All of these effects are harmful to the psychological health of Pakistanis.

PACP urges political leaders to act promptly and constructively to end the financial recession and reestablish political stability. All political groups are asked to engage in debate and discussion in order to determine the country’s future. When a society is unable to resolve its disagreements via conversation, it will turn to violence.

The association calls on all parties to be politically conscious and to acknowledge each other’s mandate. To prevent the growth of extremism, political leaders should use caution while expressing their views.

Political stability is critical and should be attained as soon as feasible. The PACP feels that the current approach of political leaders is aggravating rather than bridging the disparity toward peace and stability.