Punjab Increases Matric and Intermediate Paper Checking Fee

The Punjab government has made a significant change to the pay scale for checkers of matriculation and intermediate examination papers.

An increase of Rs. 5 per paper has been announced for examiners, with those who check more than 50 matriculation papers set to receive Rs. 45 per paper, and those who check less than 50 papers receiving Rs. 35 per paper.

A similar pay scale has been established for intermediate examiners, with those checking more than 50 papers receiving Rs. 50 per paper and those checking less than 50 papers receiving Rs. 40 per paper.

Additionally, assistants to the head examiners will receive Rs. 3.5 per paper for their work.

The decision has been met with approval by the examiners, however, they have also requested that the payments be made without tax deductions.

One examiner, who wished to remain anonymous, reported that more than 17% of their remuneration is currently being deducted for taxes. They have deemed this practice unjust and have called on the authorities to deduct the taxes from their own funds.

Via: 24News

  • For the last three years very few examiners went for marking centres because they got very meagre renumeration for the back breaking work. May be that’s why board has have a little encouragement.
    This is very interesting to note that previously they couldn’t allow the examiners to mark more than 50 papers. Now they are themselves encouraging them And giving the incentive.
    Anyway they take back 17 percent of what we earn….may be this is the reason that fewer people are interested in marking stuff.

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