Dolphin Squad Catches ATM Hacker With Special Hacking Equipment in Lahore

The Johar Town Dolphin Squad, a specialist unit in the region, has apprehended an ATM hacker in the act. The incident occurred on PIA Road when the accused attempted to withdraw money by exploiting a flaw in the ATM’s security mechanism using special equipment.

A Dolphin Squad spokesman revealed that the apprehended individual, Waqas, was in possession of a hacking gadget and specialized equipment. The accused have been handed up to the Satuktala police station for additional investigation and to assess their level of engagement in such actions.

The Dolphin Squad’s prompt action and diligent work aided in the prevention of a potentially major crime, and their accomplishment serves as an example of the need for law enforcement to always be cautious and observant.

This incident also emphasizes the importance of constantly updating and improving the security mechanisms of ATMs and other financial institutions in order to avoid such situations in the future.

  • ڈولفن کے پاس ایسے ٹیکنیکل چوروں کو پکڑنے کےلیے خاص گیجٹ تو نہیں ہیں بس کویک رسپانس ہے 15 کی کال کا،

  • Dear Dolphin Squad

    Congratulate you, you done a very good job. Insha Allah iyou shows the same spirit in future God bless you.

    Love you All

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