Dubai Sees Increasing Mental Health Issues in Children After Coronavirus

A mental health clinic in Dubai, Priory Wellbeing Centre, has reported an increase in low self-esteem and social anxiety among children between 10-19 years old.

The clinic also discovered that depression cases have increased by 16%. Psychologist Mohamad Naamani has remarked that mental health issues in teenagers are common as they prepare for adulthood due to irregular hormone levels.

He further said that while mental illnesses are common, the overall number is increasing, especially after the pandemic. It left a social toll on people in this age group, increasing their feeling of loneliness and reducing their confidence in dealing with other people.

Teenagers no longer have to hide behind screens, and they’ve acquired a phobia of being critiqued which has severely impacted their self-esteem.

Meanwhile, 23% of children under 10 got treated for emotional and behavioral issues resulting from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), he revealed.

Naamani also blamed short videos called “reels” on social media for decreasing students’ attention spans. He advised parents to check their children for symptoms of mental disorders and to consult an expert if they do.

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