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Minister Takes Stern Action Against Illegal Parking in Lahore

The Caretaker Minister for Local Government and Community Development Punjab, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, has taken a strong stance against the rampant illegal parking mafia in Lahore.

The Minister expressed grave concern about the numerous public complaints about illegal parking in the city and has called for immediate action.

The Ministry directed the Lahore Parking Company to take legal action against those who are involved in operating illegal parking sites in the city.

He stated that parking should not be allowed in public places and has directed officials to develop a digital system to prevent irregularities in the Lahore Parking Company.

He also directed the CEO of Lahore Parking Company to personally monitors field operations and take prompt action to resolve public complaints.

The illegal parking mafia has caused inconvenience to citizens by obstructing traffic and making it difficult for people to park their cars.

The directive from the Minister will help to ensure that the Parking Company can carry out its duties in a transparent and accountable manner.

The digital system will aid in keeping track of the Parking Company’s operations and will also help prevent any form of corruption or irregularities.