Samsung’s Android 13 Eats Up Half The Storage on Galaxy S23

128 GB of internal storage is too little on smartphones these days, as proven by Samsung’s latest release of One UI 5.1 based on Android 13. The operating system takes up a whopping 60 GB of storage space, taking nearly half of what you get on the base model.

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In contrast, Microsoft’s Windows 11, an entire desktop operating system, needs only 30 GB of free space.

The same Android 13 running on Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro takes only 15 GB of space, meaning something suspicious must be going on behind the scenes. Android Authority has confirmed that Samsung has included a ton of bloatware with its latest Android update.

The report adds that Samsung brings the same pre-installed apps as Google to make it seem as if it has its own software ecosystem. But instead of getting one app, you get two similar pre-installed apps that perform the same function.

Samsung also sells some of its space to third-party developers so they have their apps pre-installed on its Galaxy phones. For instance, if Meta and Microsoft make a deal with Samsung, you will see apps like Facebook, Instagram, and OneDrive on your device by default.

The worst part is that half of these pre-installed cannot be uninstalled to free up space. These can only be disabled so they don’t eat up your phone’s memory in the background.

This will force most people to buy more expensive versions of Samsung phones to get more storage and we hope that the phone maker comes up with a solution for this issue soon.

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