All Allied Health Sciences Programs in KP Are Now Illegal Except for One University

KP’s Governor’s Inspection Team (GIT) has declared that Allied Health Sciences programs in public sector universities are “illegal and unlawful,” stating that medical, dental, and allied health sciences programs are the sole responsibility of the Khyber Medical University. The findings have been submitted to the Governor of KP for approval and implementation.

Several universities, including Gomal University, Kohat University of Science and Technology, University of Haripur, Hazara University, Abbottabad University, and Abdul Wall Khan University, have initiated Allied Health Programs in various medical fields.

The GIT has recommended that the Gomal University administration, in consultation with KMU, take immediate action to put the program back on track in order to secure the future of 853 students. All universities offering these programs are required to propose solutions within a month.

Gomal University sources say that the program was established with the intention of providing students with modern education and that faculty and facilities were to be gradually expanded. However, political interference led to the VC being sent on forced leave twice, affecting the program’s progress.

The inquiry committee found that the Board of Studies was responsible for devising the curriculum and syllabi for the programs at Gomal University, but this was bypassed by the university administration. As a result, the syllabus, credit hours, and workload for the faculty were not properly organized.

The GIT stated that the syndicate approved the programs in its 106th meeting on January 16, 2021, but the financial implications for the creation of posts should have first been examined by the university. The syndicate was also required to refer the case to the Senate for approval of the financial budget for these programs.