PMDC Exempts Medical and Dental Graduates From National Licensing Exam

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has granted medical and dental graduates permanent registration certificates without requiring them to undergo the National Licensing Examination (NLE).

In addition, the PMDC has launched a new interactive online Licensing Portal that makes the registration process simpler and more user-friendly.

On the first day, 1,500 certificates were granted. The PMDC also offers good-standing certificates and renewals, and over 10,000 local graduates are awaiting permanent registration.

As per the PMDC Registrar, Dr. Suleman Ahmed, the council has taken steps to safeguard the registration portal’s reliability and the secure retention of private information. He also mentioned that the council has implemented a secure payment system for application costs, as well as a system for tracking and monitoring applications.

The PMDC has launched the National Registration Examination for foreign graduates, which would be required for full registration.

The test will include computer-based multiple-choice questions as well as a practical component. Dr. Suleman stressed that the PMDC is open to proposals from the medical community and is prepared to address their concerns.