S. Abdul Wahid – a 500-Year-Old Pakistani Mithai Brand

S. Abdul Wahid is a traditional Pakistani sweets business with a rich history spanning almost 500 years. Farrukh Ahmed, the owner, started managing the business a few years ago and has recently updated and re-invigorated their branding.

The business has thrived under the new and invigorated branding while maintaining its commitment to quality and authenticity. They have now expanded to six outlets throughout Karachi and exporting all over the world.

The legacy of S. Abdul Wahid began in the 16th century when their ancestors became the official sweet makers for the Mughal emperors for over 300 years. In 1830, the business opened its first commercial shop at Ghanta Ghar in Delhi, sharing its delicious sweets with the world.

Over the centuries, the business has been passed down through generations of the family. S. Abdul Ghafoor started the business in 1830 and it was later run by S. Abdul Hameed from 1881-1915, S. Abdul Wahid from 1916-1947, and S. Abdul Khaliq from 1947-2002.

Today, the business is being run by S. Abdul Khaliq’s grandson, Farrukh Ahmed.

Ahmed was involved in the sweets business from the age of 16 under the tutelage of his grandfather, S. Abdul Khalq. He went overseas for education and worked in the field of IT in Australia. He founded a software house in Sydney, Australia, and was the chief analyst programmer of a Sydney-based internet startup.


He was also the founder and CTO of the famous Pakistani social platform GoLootlo. In 2018, he entered his family business full time bringing with him his energy and experience learned in the IT startup world. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to modernize the business while remaining true to its roots.

Abdul Wahid continues to offer the same delectable sweets that have pleased customers for centuries. Their commitment to quality and authenticity remains unchanged, and the new name only serves to reinforce their dedication to their roots.

Their workers who make mithai have been with the business for hundreds of years handing down the art from one generation to other. Their current head chef, Shakil Ustadh was a student of Irfan Ustadh who in turn learned the art from Yameen Ustadh who learned it from S. Abdul Wahid himself.

In conclusion, S. Abdul Wahid is a symbol of cultural heritage, offering customers a taste of tradition with each sweet bite.

The business’s recent branding improvements reinforces its dedication to its roots while looking forward to a bright future. As a 500-year-old business, S. Abdul Wahid continues to thrive, remaining a must-visit destination for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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