Foreign Experts to be Hired for Training Wildlife Teams

The Ministry of Climate Change intends to engage international specialists to train members of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB). The goal is to better prepare them to deal with events involving wildlife, especially big cats, in a safer way.

A male leopard recently walked into a residential neighborhood in Islamabad, stressing the need for wildlife personnel to undergo additional training. The initiative will not only assist them in neutralizing any threats, but it will also assure their personal safety throughout the process.

Three IWMB staff members were wounded while attempting to catch the leopard during the present case. They got immediate medical attention and recuperated within a few days.

South African specialists will be approached first since they are believed to be some of the best in the world. Other alternatives for engaging foreign expertise, however, are yet to be explored.

As per one official, as urbanization and farming continue to develop, the likelihood of human-wildlife conflict will definitely rise. He also observed that big cats, such as leopards, are adaptive and can coexist harmoniously with people.

The official applauded the IWMB team for how they handled the recent incident and stressed the importance of additional training to assure their personal safety and security. A public awareness campaign will also be organized to educate people about their duties in cases involving human-wildlife conflict, particularly in residential areas.

  • Have your teams watch animal planet and national geographic, watch tutorials and videos of handling wild animals on Youtube, save the precious foreign exchange. Only hire foreign experts when costs justify the benefits.

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