FBR Officials Not Adopting Energy Conservation Measures to Face Action

A vigilance team of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will take administrative/disciplinary action against the officials who fail to implement energy conservation measures.

According to the FBR’s instructions, in a bid to rein in the energy crisis it has been decided to adopt energy conservation measures. To mitigate the energy crisis, steps/measures will be undertaken by the FBR’s management and employees.

Moreover, in order to ensure strict compliance with the devised plan, a vigilance team headed by Second Secretary (S&M) has been formed which will inter alia, monitor and report compliance or otherwise on the part of officials. Any non-compliance will be viewed seriously and may invite appropriate administrative/disciplinary action, FBR said.

“As a responsible organization and rising to the occasion, it is expected that we all in this critical situation take precautionary measures and steps for energy and fuel conservation wholeheartedly by observing and following the same”, FBR said.

Steps to be taken by FBR management

Turn off 50 percent of lights in the corridors and all the lights in the areas where sunlight sufficiently illuminates the workspaces. Ensure that in the meeting rooms of FBR (HQ), ACs/heaters/lights are switched on half an hour before a meeting and switched off immediately after the same is over.

Turn off all electric water coolers immediately after office hours. Only one water cooler easily accessible to all the employees will remain operative after office hours. IT/PRAL section must ensure that auto sleep/off mode is activated on all the PCs. The central air conditioning/heating system will be operational from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm only.

Steps to be taken by the employees

All the officials will keep unnecessary lights in their rooms turned off during their presence in the office. All the officials have been requested to ensure that all electric gadgets and lights are turned off when they are away to see other colleagues or attend meetings.

The use of ACs will be allowed between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the thermostat fixed at 26 C or above. The officials have also been requested to avoid wastage of water and before leaving washrooms make sure that water taps are properly turned off.

  • Most measures are product of well groomed parents upbringings which 99 percents of officers generations away.

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