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Toyota Records Lowest Monthly Sales Since 2020

No one is safe from the ongoing economic turmoil as, after Pak Suzuki, Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) recorded the worst monthly sales figure in almost 3 years.

According to the latest update from, the company only sold 1,803 cars last month, recording the lowest sales since June 2020, when it only sold 547 vehicles due to COVID-19-induced challenges.

The report attributes the decline to intermittent production shutdowns and the unavailability of completely knocked down (CKD) kits. The automakers have also blamed the reluctance of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to approve letters of credit (LCs) for the clearance of imported goods.

Honda’s Plant Shutdown

Honda has decided to shut down vehicle production for over 20 days.

The official notification cites disruption in the supply chain due to the economic deterioration and restrictions on raw materials and CKD imports as the reasons for the lengthy shutdown.

Due to its heavy reliance on imports, the auto industry is also feeling the effects of the Rupee devaluation. The SBP’s restrictions on the LC are causing import delays and inventory rate hikes. As a result, the local industry is in shambles.

  • Time for companies to manufacture 100 percent parts in Pakistan.if they got problems they should make necessary arrangement with local investers.

  • Car manufacturers increase price at “Andha Dhund” speed after each decline in PKR value, that is out of proportion.

  • انڈس موٹر نے جو گاڑیاں جنوری میں ڈلیور کرنی تھیں وہ مارچ میں ڈلیور کر رہا ہر اور ساتھ یارس پر نو لاکھ کا پرایس ڈفرنس لے کر۔ پہلے بہنا لگا دیا کہ پلانٹ بند ہے پارٹس نہیں آ رہے۔ تو گاڑیاں پہلے تیار تھیں بس لوگوں سے نی پراس لی جبکہ بکنگ پرانی پرایس پر کی۔ جب انڈس موٹر ایسے کرے گی تو فیوچر میں ان کی ایک گاڑی بھی نہیں بکے گی انشااللہ۔

  • When no checks on their never ending price hikes in the name of Rs depreciation and reluctance when Rs goes down, why should customer buy over expensive cars.. You bluff GoP on deletion prugrame, yoir model heavily dependent on imports… So enjoy public anger and low sales. Better buy used cars

  • Atlas Honda and Indus Motors groups have made enough money already. Their green patch is now over. Even though past governments tried to push them to manufacture at home, they avoided that because of heavy investment and thus, lower short term gains. They have literally gouged customers and blamed governments for price hikes. If Pakistani customers had stopped buying their cars for a while, they could have brought prices down. But seems like Pakistanis have have extra cash stashed everywhere and government is begging for money.

  • Yes agreed the comments endorsed by all car lovers who are paying the penalties on on accounts of buying home inferred / very limited options provided products at at the cost paying much higher almost 300% over as compared with near neighbouring countries where providing latest generation modles introduced with full options at very limited approachable cost but here imposed teasingly extraordinary higher cost plus un scheduling delivery period even cost of product not confirmed up upto delivery time.The S S S so called back up service centers like as Eastern motors karachi where I have bad experienced to get spares of my new model Yaris but they failed to arrange simple part during two months being manufacturers of Toyota.Inorder to make good there is no way except to stop the products by all means as protest up upto change behavior . This is the time we must take all allout decision for better future prospects.

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