Here’s What UAE and Saudi Arabia Residents Want in Eid Gifts This Year

Cash has emerged as the most sought-after Eid gift for 2023 among residents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, according to a recent survey conducted by YouGov, a public opinion and data firm. Other popular choices include clothes, footwear, spiritual wellness gifts, and vouchers or gift cards.

The survey also found that many UAE residents are planning to donate money during Ramadan, while their counterparts in Saudi Arabia wish to go on a family holiday.

The majority of respondents (54%) preferred sticking to a budget when buying Eid gifts, while only a small percentage (18%) preferred to spend without a limit on Eid gifts.

As for where people look for gift ideas, social media took the top spot, followed by in-store browsing, websites, and suggestions from friends and family.

Conducted through interviews with 2,023 adults across the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the survey offers valuable insights into the gift-giving habits and preferences of residents in both countries.

Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr in UAE and Saudi Arabia

In UAE, Ramadan is expected to start on Thursday 23 March. It will be 29 days long, with Eid-ul-Fitr falling on Friday 21 April.

In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is likely to begin on Wednesday 22 March, with Eid-ul-Fitr falling on Thursday 20 April.

However, confirmed dates for Ramadan will only be announced by moon sighting authorities of both countries.

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