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Pakistan Post Misplaced Thousands of Car Registrations

Since Punjab implemented computerized number plates and smart registration cards, Pakistan Post has caused delays in their delivery.

According to a media report, Punjab’s Excise and Taxation department gave Pakistan Post 108,000 registration cards, 128,000 number plates, and 12,000 original files to distribute to vehicle owners who applied and paid for them, however, Pakistan Post has misplaced the said documents.

In February 2022, Punjab Excise contracted with Pakistan Post to supply registration cards, computerized plates, and vehicle paperwork to owners. According to the agreement, the department gave Pakistan Post 1.085 million smart cards, of which 946,000 were delivered, 30,000 were returned due to incorrect addresses, and 108,000 have gone missing.

Excise officials supplied the mailing company with 1.459 million computerized number plates, of which 1.271 million were delivered, 60,000 were returned, and 128,000 were lost.

Likewise, the government-owned mailing corporation received 280,000 original car files, 191,000 of which were delivered to their owners, 3,800 were returned due to wrong addresses, and 12,771 were misplaced.

Caretaker Excise Minister Punjab Bilal Afzal and Director General Excise Muhammad Ali have ordered a probe into this debacle.

Via: Express Tribune

  • All the reports are correct
    Smart card of my car number RNF-1415 also misplaced by Pakistan post
    Very very dirty department

  • I am Munawar from Talagang Distt. Smart card which I applied on 23 Dec,22 of my Car No LE-17A-2568 but still not received. Lot of delay by Post office as well as excise office Punjab, no more satisfaction by excise office.

  • Lanet hai aise post nazam pe tcs services kyon nehi use ki logon k arbon rupees ki cars ko redi bana diya

    • Bhai tcs ek article ka 450rs charge kr raha tha lakin pak post 60rs idea laga lo excise ny kitny pasy bachay hogy

  • This is wrong news. I am an employee of Pakistan Post and working on this project since it started. Not a single article have lost or misplaced under my jurisdiction. We are delivering Excise articles with care and not a single complaint is lying pending. Plz delete your post

    • Ur minister should clearify…. He should arrange a press Lahore department eto are taking too long to deliver cards….it’s a fact… Why Soo ?

    • Can you tell me about my registration card. No Lzp 824 al through excise & taxation department has dispatched the card as they mentioned in their vehicle verification website
      Kindly tell me

    • My car registration card booked on 24 Aug 2022 and delivered on 17 march 2023 by urgent Mail service
      You can check ums41425152

  • Fake post to defame Pakistan Post and promote private couriers is it possible…?
    Pakistan Post charges are 10 % of tcs this is the problem of the enemies of Pakistan.

  • میری گاڑی کا سمارٹ کارڈ 28 فروری سے ڈسپائچ ہوا لیکن ابھی تک تقسیم نہیں ہوا

  • All the reports are correct
    Smart card of my car number RN-10-330 also misplaced by Pakistan post
    Very very dirty department

  • My car Suzuki mehran LXD3266 has been online transferred to my name but smart card is not received as yet. Pls expedite concerd deptt.

    • Dear Hamza,
      inconvenience is regretted,
      as per tracking your smart card is successfully delivered to your given address in Johar Town Post Office dated 14-Mar-2023,
      here is the tracking number UMS31866091,
      feel free to contact your local post office for any inquiry.
      Thank you

  • Postmen and their supervisors sell these license plates to thieves and terrorists while reporting them as lost. Tracing such corrupt and criminal employees and management should be an easy task since there is a hard proof of them picking up the shipment and not delivering.

  • میں نے بھی 2022فروری میں اپنے بائیک کاسمارٹ کارڈ اپلائی کیا تھا
    لیکں بے غیرتوں نے ابھی تک نہیں بھیجا

  • Lanet hai aise post system pe ager car ka original registration card lost ho gaye to 5 se 6 lakh ka price mein difference aa jata hai lanet aise pakistani Post system pe na koi law hai na rule responsible logon ko jaise post master aur others ko jail send keren yan jin ka loss howa pora kr k den excize police must take action es irresponsible act ka

  • یہ تمام ڈاکومنٹس کہیں گم نہیں ہوئے یہ
    حرام خور حکومت وہی پرانے ھتکنڈے استعمال کر کے ڈاکومنٹس غائب کر رہی ہے تاکہ ٹی سی ایس یا دوسری پرائیویٹ کوریئر کمپنی کو ٹھیکے دے کر کروڑوں روپے کمیشن حاصل کریں یہ حرام زادے کبھی بھی حرام خوری سے باز نہیں آسکتے کیونکہ ان کے باپ جرنیلی مافیاز ہیں

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