Eikon7 – Championing Women Empowerment Through Creative Campaigns

In the current social and economic climate, campaigns that aim to empower women are more important than ever before. Not only do they spread awareness about the struggles that women face in their daily lives, but they also serve as a creative outlet that can make a real difference in the world.

Eikon7, a digital advertising agency, recently launched a campaign that took a unique approach to highlighting the importance of women in the workforce. Their ‘Feminism In Times of Economic Crisis’ campaign showcased women in various professions, who have defied societal norms to become successful in their respective fields.

By using real online comments that criticize women in these fields, the campaign effectively highlights the struggles that women face as a result of patriarchal values.

According to Maria Mahmud, the Creative Director behind the campaign, “The idea behind the campaign was to show that these women are heroes, that they’re doing something that’s not only challenging but also empowering.”

The campaign’s message is also important from a social psychology perspective. The Social Identity Theory suggests that people derive their self-esteem and self-worth from the groups to which they belong.

By highlighting the success of women in unconventional fields, the campaign challenges the gender norms that have been deeply ingrained in our society, thereby empowering women to feel confident and capable.

As a creative agency, Eikon7 understands the power of creativity in shaping social narratives and creating awareness around important issues. This is not only reflected in their campaigns but also in the way that their company is structured and functions.

Women take the lead in the form of Maria Mahmud (Creative Director) and Rayshum Kayani (Head of Content and Strategy) who are some of the genius minds behind Eikon7’s creative pursuits.

In addition to that, there are 40% more female employees than male employees at Eikon7.

So it is not a surprise that they would utilize their creative storytelling skills to craft this campaign that shows their commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

With that being said, we encourage our readers to look into female-led businesses and initiatives and support them in any way possible. This kind of empowerment can only take place when each member of the society, man and woman, come together to support the cause of women empowerment.

By doing so, we can all play a part in creating a more equitable and inclusive society that empowers women to reach their full potential.

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