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Govt to Provide Rs. 50 Per Liter Subsidy on Petrol for Motorcycles, Small Cars

The federal government has decided to give cheap petrol to low-income people using motorcycles, rickshaws, and cars of up to 800cc.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif chaired a meeting regarding the proposed relief package for petroleum users in Lahore on Sunday.

The prime minister directed to include cars of up to 800cc for the subsidized petrol scheme in addition to motorcycles and rickshaws. The government plans to subsidize the price of petrol by Rs. 50 per liter, which will substantially reduce the price for the subsidized segment.

The prime minister directed the relevant authorities to speed up the implementation of the proposed program and directed the stakeholders to devise a comprehensive strategy in this regard.

The premier said that motorcycles, rickshaws, and smaller cars are used by the common man and the subsidy will provide relief for the poor segment of society.

It is pertinent to mention here that the government is yet to announce details about how this subsidy will be implemented.

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  • In my opinion subsidizing petrol is not a wise decision. Now a days imported and locally manufactured 660c cars costs much more than older 1000cc and even 1300 cars. The owners who can spend millions buying 660c cars can afford unsubsidized petrol also. A more wiser approach would be to subsidize fuel on owner’s income basis and this would require efforts and working to categorize consumers, for 70cc bikes and Rikshaws the facility is justified.

  • Thank you so much Shahbaz Sharif. If you didnt come in power, we would still be buying petrol at 150. How could we thank you for selling us the fuel on double price and then reduce Rs 50?

  • شکریہ جناب وزیراعظم شہباز شریف آپ نے ہمیشہ عوام کی خدمت کی انشاءاللہ جلد پھر ہم پاکستان مسلم لیگ نواز کا دور دیکھیں گے کچھ کالی بھیڑوں کی وجہ سے ملک کی ترقی روک دی ہے نہیں تو یہ ہم بہت ترقی کر چکے ہوتے

  • Here is a viable option:

    Subsidize motorcycle and rikshaw patrol by lowering RON to 88 or even 87 and make it cost Rs. 50 less.
    Provide RON 92 and above at full cost to everyone.

    Let the public choose the patrol quality and ease on pocket. It is a sustainable option.

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