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AVLC is Tracking Corollas Stolen From Karachi in Balochistan

Balochistan’s Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) has discovered a scheme involving the sale of stolen and seized vehicles from Karachi. According to reports, two individuals, Pervaiz Magsi and Abdullah Askani, buy stolen cars from Karachi and sell them in Balochistan at huge profits.

According to a media report, Magsi and Askani allegedly obtained the records of stolen and seized vehicles from Karachi. The police obtained Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage and photographs of the suspects, who purchased the stolen cars from Karachi. Most of these cars were Toyota Corollas.

Magsi is a native of Jhal Magsi and is also wanted for purchasing stolen vehicles, while Askani is from the district of Lasbela. The local network of thieves operates in Karachi, snatching or stealing vehicles and transporting them to Balochistan, where Magsi and Askani purchase them for low prices.

The Balochistan AVLC obtained information about this gang in recent days, and significant arrests are also anticipated in this case. The police have formed a team to investigate car theft groups in Karachi over the past few years in order to identify the groups responsible for selling vehicles from Karachi to Balochistan and other districts.

According to the SSP AVLC, the gang sells Magsi and Askani vehicles valued at Rs. 3.5 million for as little as Rs. 800,000 to Rs. 1 million. The vehicles are then either utilized in Balochistan or are taken apart and sold for parts across Pakistan.

Via: The Express Tribune

  • Why is it so difficult to control a few entry exit points from sindh to balochistan for a force of thousands of Police and Customs. Either there is lack of interest, or lack of support from the higher ups. This country will keep suffering due to incompetence of government departments, until their allowances and perks are connected to departmental performance.

    • Money talks louder in pakistan.there is a fixed price for each check post, so called bribery.

  • If we know the culprit then why we do not catch them and stop this crime and there are some tolls also in between sindh and Balochistan then why vehicles are not scanned there thoroughly….. I think it can be stop by our forces if we take some serious action against it….. Because the loss of stolen things can only be understand by the victim….. I request higher command to stop this type of activities from Karachi and make it clean for sake of citizens 🙏🏻

  • corruption has penetration almost everyone , maybe some exceptional cases, otherwise from poor to rich everyone tries to get his/her share, even religion has not been spared in making money 🤑

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