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Islamabad’s 7th Avenue Interchange Starts Falling Apart [Updated]

Makers of Islamabad’s 7th Avenue interchange project are reportedly under fire as the project has begun falling apart before the official inauguration.

Sources privy to the matter told ProPakistani that the Rs. 1.70 billion project has started deteriorating due to the use of defective materials.

The source also highlighted design flaws, stating that the interchange’s water loop sits on one side. Due to the lack of a proper drainage system in the loop, the road is flooded with stagnant water.

Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken notice of the loop deterioration issue before its inauguration. He has instructed the construction company to mend the issues on an urgent basis.

Being a state-owned construction company, CDA had allotted all the construction funds to it in advance. The foundation stone of the project was laid by Prime Minister Imran Khan in June 2021. The Interchange project has been completed since October 2022 but has not yet been formally inaugurated.

In a recent update, a National Logistics Cell (NLC) representative told ProPakistani that the problem was noticed and the cracks in the asphalt were mended the very next day. He stated:

The entire concrete structure have been thoroughly checked and it is fully intact. There is not a slight damage to it. Work as per international standards has been ensured at every stage. The minor problem was with the asphalt surface which developed a crack at a small patch. It was immediately rectified.

  • This is what happens when no one cares. When ever you go to any road construction site, just take a look and you will see that labour is working all by themselves, without any supervisor or engineer at site. Everyone just wants to get paid and do nothing.

  • State owned construction company name should have been mentioned.
    Secondly why the CDA and on whose orders paid all the money to the company in advance.

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